Web Page of Peter Meijes Tiersma
Professor of Law, Loyola Law School , Los Angeles

My Professional Website: LANGUAGEandLAW.org
(legal language, legal texts, jury instructions, language rights, perjury, lawyer jokes, publications, and more)

My newest books: Oxford Handbook of Language and Law and Parchment, Paper, Pixels

My other books: Legal Language      Frisian Reference Grammar      Speaking of Crime

How I spent my summer vacation (2000 or 2001 or 2002  or 2003 or 2004 or 2005 or 2006 or 2007)

I have also begun to add some video of various trips abroad

My other publications

My courses

The Frisian language

My life

Picture Gallery

A tribute to Christopher Towne Leland, novelist and friend

Surviving Leukemia

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